FMRT provides platform to women with difference


“Women leaders can change the world. When women have a seat at the table, they lend their unique perspective to policy decisions that impact them and their communities”, said Shabana Azmi, an actress that need no introduction. While appreciating the initiative taken by Foundation for Management Research and Training (FMRT), Shabana said that providing platform to the women who have done something different for society, women in particular, is a much needed step that has been taken by FMRT.

Shabana was talking about “Asmita-Woman” the program that FMRT is going to host on 30th September 2018 in Delhi, not only to recognise the power of women but also to bring women of substance, who have make the change happen in society just by thinking ‘different’ and ‘independent’. Personalities like noted film actress Shabana Azmi, Shovana Narayan the living legend of traditional dance form of Kathakand a few more people, known for being different, would be sharing their ideas on what about women power they think about.

Prof. Neharika Vohra the recipient of “Woman Achievers Award” observed, “Women leaders should not be a topic for discussion in 21stcentury. However, given the shortage of women leaders across almost all sectors we need to figure out them to have more of such leaders. Society, family, workplaces, all need to relook how they can support women to perform their best”.

Dr. Jyoti Rana, Chairperson-FMRT attributes the possibilities of converting creativity into capacity to women leadership. She says, “Creativity becomes capacity when it brings light into the life of others.”

 Laxmi Agarwal says, “Move from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. I ask all of you to think about not just yourself, but others around you. She further says, “I want a world where no girl wishes she were a boy!”

Kalki Subramanian, an artist, actor and entrepreneur believes that only education can empower transgender

Dr. Debashis Chatterjee the International Leadership Coach, while expressing his views on women empowerment, said, “ Men talked of work-life equilibrium while women demonstrated work-life success. Traditionally men led institutions and women made homes. Now, women are at home in most of the institutions. Beyond gender divide, men and women are the children of same awareness”.

Others like Academician Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, Ms. Supriya Shrinate Executive Editor ET Now, include the list of keynote speakers. Adding value to the event would be Ms. Shukla Bose recipient of “Woman Entrepreneur Award”, Ms. Mamta Kharab, the golden girl of Indian Hockey team and an IPS officer, Ms. Shivani Wazir Pasrich former Miss India Worldwide, Ms. Rashmi Bansal a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur, Dr. Kruti Parekh Asia’s only female Professional Mentalist, Ms. Laxmi Agrawal the torch bearer of strength for women power, Ms. Deepti Mishra national poet and writer and Ms. Preeti Singh recipient of Swayamsiddha Award would also be sharing their thoughts and experiences of being the symbol of women power.

Dr. Jyoti Rana, chairperson FMRT would be the keynote speaker and would be carrying the program forward. This event would be a landmark in the direction of recognition of the women making difference in the society and being the inspiration for other women too to derive the path to success and self esteem.



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