Unparalleled Forms – A solo exhibition of resin paintings by Artist Heerina Misra

Born in 1976 in New Delhi, Artist Heerina Misra studied Psychology from Delhi University. She has been painting in various forms for over 20 years. She has trained in Graphics, Architecture, Mysore, Tanjore, acrylic and oil paintings. She learnt portraits from the University of the Arts London. Heerina enjoys exploring different types of art and over the years has attended many courses. Heerina is inspired by the natural world and draws on this appreciation of flora, fauna, the sea and natural mineral geode formations when creating her own unique designs. She enjoys working on large scale luxury pieces using various pigments, mica powders, metals, structure mediums and sometimes shells, Corals and fresh water pearls to add depth and texture to her artwork. She is drawn to the abstract nature of resin, relishing the unpredictability of this method, and rising to the challenge.


Unparalleled Forms – A solo exhibition of resin paintings by Artist Heerina Misra and represented by Payal Kapoor. The medium gives a three-dimensional feel to the paintings, which are inspired by the nature and formations of the earth.

Some of the guests who attended the Preview were Radhika Kapoor, Suryaveer Kohli, Payal Kapoor, Prerna Singh, Mini Burman, Leena Musafir, Ajay Madan,  Reshma Madan, Mini Burman, Leena Musafir, Dhruv Chandra, Inder Musaifir, Ashish Saraf & Robby Mohan, Shobha Arora, Nishi Singh, Tanisha Mohan, Radhika Kapoor,  Ajay Kapoor, Ankrita and Shamsher Singh

The show is continued till 15th November 2018 at Arushi Arts  W – 23 Greater Kailash II, New Delhi 110048


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